European Flood Awareness System

Institution Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in close collaboration with the National hydrological and meteorological services, European Civil Protection through the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and research institutes.

Description The European Flood Awareness System (EFAS), developed to produce European overviews on ongoing and forecasted floods, contributes to better protection of the European Citizen, the environment, property and cultural heritage in support to the EU Mechanism for Civil Protection. Since 2012 EFAS is an operational service under the umbrella of the Copernicus emergency management service and run by Member States organisations. EFAS also represents the 1st operational hydrological network in Europe.

Basic info The infornation of each flood can be obtained by selecting on the floating menu (options-> information). Then click on the red dot of the location to visualize the content. Layers of the actual and past events can be obtained by clicking on the date icon and checking with the mouse the desired option

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