FetchClimate provides ready access to complex geographical information including, but not limited to, climatological information. On accessing the FetchClimate Azure web service, you simply need to perform four steps to find what you are looking for:

  1. Draw the location on the Earth via points or grids (Where?)
  2. Specify the data of interest (What?)
  3. Set the timeframe, including future predictions, and a combination of averages over stesp, (years, days, and hours)
  4. Fetch and view your results. 

Webpage: http://fetchclimate2.cloudapp.net/#page=results&dm=values&t=years&v=abshum(428),airt(423,432,425,424)&yc=1991,1992&dc=1,365&hc=0,24&g=50.55249883012401,52.11726735503215,25,2.9770507812500036,5.7236328125000036,25,Region%201
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