UNESCO-IHE projects with SURFSara


UNESCO-IHE is in continuous contact with the SURFsara system in Amsterdam and many projects have already successfully used this large cloud infrastructure of more that 1024 cores.

HPC Cloud

With the HPC Cloud facility, SURFsara offers self-service, dynamically scalable and fully configurable HPC systems to the Dutch academic community. Users have, for example, a free choice of operating system and software.
The HPC Cloud offers full control over a HPC cluster, with fast CPUs and high memory nodes and it is possible to attach terabytes of local storage to a compute node. Because of this flexibility, users can fully tailor the system for a particular application. Long-running and small compute jobs are equally welcome. Additionally, the system facilitates collaboration: users can share control over their virtual private HPC cluster with other users and share processing time, data and results. A portal with wiki, fora, repositories, issue system, etc. is offered for collaboration projects as well.
For more information about how to use these facilities, please contact Dr. Gerald Corzo or Joanne Craven in the Hydroinformatics department.